Sanitising Disinfection Unit (SDU) & Chargepoint

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MaxSafe SDU

MaxSafe presents the Sanitizing Disinfection Unit (SDU), a revolutionary solution that not only ensures impeccable cleanliness but also offers unparalleled convenience in power options. The SDU is designed with dual power capabilities, providing flexibility and adaptability to meet your unique needs.

SDU Key Features:

Ring Main Compatibility:
Experience seamless integration with your existing compressed air ring main system. The SDU effortlessly connects to the ring main, This feature streamlines the sanitization process, making it efficient and effective across various applications, from worktops to manufacturing processes.
For situations where a ring main isn't available or practical, We have created the SDU Chargpoint and is operated independently of a ring main. This alternative power source ensures that you can deploy the SDU in any environment, even in locations where a ring main may not be accessible. Simply connect the SDU to the ChargePoint, and you're ready to initiate comprehensive sanitization without constraints.

Versatile Applications:
Whether you choose to connect to a ring main or utilize the SDU charge point, our unit is engineered for versatile applications. Sanitize and disinfect workstations, production lines, uneven surfaces, or even car sales environments with ease. The dual power options make the SDU adaptable to different settings, ensuring optimal hygiene in any scenario.

Mist Dispersion:
The SDU's spraying wand creates a fine mist, ensuring a comprehensive and even distribution of sanitizing agents. Benefit from cutting-edge mist dispersion technology, regardless of your chosen power source. This feature guarantees thorough coverage, leaving no room for harmful pathogens on surfaces.

UK-Made Quality:
Trust in the excellence of British manufacturing with the MaxSafes SDU. Our commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of the unit's design and production. Enjoy the reliability, durability, and performance that come with a product proudly made in the UK.


  • Worktops
  • Work Stations
  • Production Lines
  • Uneven Surfaces
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Car Sales (E.G. Pre/Post Test Drive Clean)

MaxSafes SDU stands at the forefront of sanitation technology, offering dual power convenience to meet the dynamic needs of your environment. Whether connected to a ring main or powered independently through the charge point, our SDU ensures a hygienic and safe space for all. Elevate your sanitization practices with MaxSafes today.

MaxSafe SDU ChargePoint

The SDU ChargePoint is an exclusive and purpose-built device meticulously designed to cater specifically to the Sanitizing Disinfection Unit (SDU) from MaxSafe. This mobile charging unit serves as the linchpin for the seamless functionality of your SDU system, ensuring efficient recharging and maximum operational readiness.

SDU Chargepoint Key Features:

Rapid Charging Efficiency:
Experience unparalleled speed with the SDU ChargePoint, capable of refilling the SDU tank in under 1 minute. This rapid charging feature optimizes downtime, allowing your SDU to be swiftly replenished and ready for the next sanitization task.

Low Noise Operation:
The SDU ChargePoint operates with minimal noise, providing a quiet and unobtrusive charging experience. This low-noise feature ensures a harmonious work environment, maintaining a peaceful atmosphere even during the charging process.

Steady Flow Performance:
Enjoy a steady and consistent flow during the charging process. The SDU ChargePoint is engineered to deliver reliability in replenishing the SDU, ensuring that your sanitization efforts are consistently supported by an uninterrupted supply of sanitizing agents.

Long-Lasting Durability:
Built to withstand the demands of frequent use, the SDU ChargePoint boasts long-lasting durability. This ensures a sustained and dependable performance over an extended period, making it an indispensable component of your SDU system.

User-Friendly Operation:
The SDU ChargePoint is designed with ease of use in mind. Its user-friendly interface makes the charging process straightforward and accessible, allowing operators to efficiently manage the recharging of the SDU without unnecessary complexity.

Lightweight Portability:
Benefit from the portability of the SDU ChargePoint, enhancing its convenience. Its lightweight design allows for easy transportation, ensuring that your SDU system can be charged wherever the need arises, providing flexibility in deployment.

SDU Chargepoint Specifications:

Power (KW/HP): 0.98/1.3
Noise (DB): 50
Speed (R/MIN): 2800
Pressure (BAR/PSI): 8/115
Capacity (L/MIN): 110
Tank (L): 9

Embrace the efficiency and reliability of the MaxSafe SDU ChargePoint—an indispensable companion to your SDU system. With rapid charging, low noise operation, and user-friendly features, the SDU ChargePoint ensures that your sanitization efforts are consistently supported by cutting-edge technology. Elevate your charging experience with MaxSafe today.

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