Manual Crimping Machine

RRP £390.00

MaxSafe's manual swaging machine is a quick and easy solution for making hose assemblies. No electrical power required. It is ideal for garages or being loaded into the back of a mobile van to be used as an emergency hose repair/assembly tool.

Attachment of Hose Fittings: The primary purpose of a hose swaging machine is to attach hose fittings to the ends of hoses. These fittings can be various types, such as connectors, couplings, or adapters, depending on the specific application.
Secure Connection: The machine crimps or swages a ferrule (a metal sleeve) tightly around the hose's end fitting and the hose itself. This compression creates a secure and leak-resistant connection, ensuring that the hose and fitting do not detach under pressure.
Compression Process: The swaging machine typically consists of a hydraulic or mechanical press mechanism. The operator places the hose end fitting and the ferrule onto the hose and positions them within the machine's crimping cavity.
Application of Force: When the machine is activated, it exerts a significant amount of force onto the ferrule and hose end fitting. This force causes the ferrule to deform and compress tightly around the hose and fitting.
Uniform Compression: The machine's design ensures that the compression is applied uniformly around the circumference of the hose and fitting. This uniformity is crucial for creating a strong and reliable connection.
Quality Assurance: The swaging process not only securely attaches the fittings but also provides a visual indicator of a proper crimp. If the crimp is not formed correctly, it is evident, allowing for immediate detection and correction.



Weight: 13.5kg
Packing Size: 60cm x 30cm x 10cm
Crimping Range: 10-30mm
Type: Hand Operated
Colour: Black
Materials: Steel
Handle: Rubber
Part Number: FCM-1

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