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Introducing Maxsafe ISO-B Couplings, meticulously engineered to meet ISO 7241-1 Series B standards, these couplings represent a pinnacle of reliability and safety in fluid connection technology. With a robust double shut-off design, Maxsafe ISO-B Couplings ensure dependable performance across a diverse range of liquid and gaseous media transfer applications. Crafted with precision from premium materials such as brass and stainless steel, these couplings guarantee longevity and durability in demanding environments.

Maxsafe ISO-B Couplings are designed for seamless compatibility with other couplings conforming to ISO 7241-1 Series B standards, including Rectus 72 KB Series couplings. Their twin-handed operation enhances operational safety, requiring manual manipulation of the locking sleeve for both connection and disconnection. Engineered to deliver above-average flow rates, Maxsafe ISO-B Couplings optimize fluid transfer efficiency, making them the preferred choice for industrial and commercial settings where reliability and performance are paramount.