Self Venting C19 Safety Series

Our Self Venting 19 Series Compressed Air Safety Coupling is designed to efficiently vent down streaming pressure, effectively eliminating recoil and reducing noise levels. Furthermore, Vent safe features a low connecting force and a compact, easy-to-grip design for your convenience. Its exceptional durability, combined with numerous benefits, ensures a trustworthy and long-lasting product. The Double Safety Lock system offers added peace of mind, preventing accidental disconnection by securely holding the sleeve in place even during the flow of air.

Self Venting C19 Safety Series FAQ'S

What are the primary features of the VentSafe 19 Safety Series Coupling?

The VentSafe 19 Safety Series Coupling is designed to efficiently vent downstream pressure, which helps eliminate recoil and reduces noise levels significantly. It features a low connecting force and a compact, easy-to-grip design, ensuring user comfort and convenience during operation.



How does the Dual Safety Lock system benefit users of the VentSafe 19 Coupling?

The Dual Safety Lock system in the VentSafe 19 Coupling provides added security by securely holding the sleeve in place, even when air is flowing. This prevents accidental disconnection, enhancing safety and reliability in industrial applications.

What durability features does the VentSafe 19 Coupling offer?

Built for durability, the VentSafe 19 Coupling ensures reliable performance in demanding environments. Its robust construction and materials contribute to its longevity, making it suitable for long-term use without compromising on performance.


In which industries is the VentSafe 19 Coupling commonly used?

The VentSafe 19 Coupling is ideal for industries where controlled airflow, reduced noise, and safety are critical, such as manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and more. It meets the stringent requirements of these sectors for efficient and reliable operation.

Can I upgrade existing equipment with the Self Venting C25 Safety Series couplings?

Yes, the Self Venting C25 couplings are designed to replace existing CEJN 320, Rectus 25, or Kee 075 couplings without extensive modifications, ensuring compatibility and seamless integration.