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Buy Pneumatic Air Couplings OnlineHigh-performance and safety-compliant compressed air couplings are vital for enhancing energy efficiency and optimizing tool performance in compressed air applications. Our dedication to excellence in couplings has led to innovations that prioritize both efficiency and safety in operation, trusted by customers across the UK and North America.

Developed over six decades in the UK, our pneumatic air fittings couplings demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement. We have consistently reduced pressure drop and increased airflow to minimize energy consumption, benefiting our customers across North America and beyond.

Compressed air systems often consume a significant amount of energy in their operation. Therefore, the efficiency of your couplings is paramount.

To achieve an energy-efficient compressed air coupler system, it’s crucial to ensure it remains leak-free and that you utilize high-quality pneumatic hose fittings and couplings with superior airflow and minimal pressure drop. An optimized pneumatic air fitting system not only conserves energy but also delivers sustained tool efficiency, making it a sustainable choice for various applications.

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Common Plug Profiles

C17 Series

C19 Series

C19 Vent-Safe Series

C21 Series

C25 Series compressed air coupling and plug, featuring a low connecting force and compact, easy-to-grip design.

C25 Series

Self Venting VS25 Safety Series compressed air coupling with dual safety lock, designed to eliminate recoil and reduce noise, featuring a low connecting force and compact, easy-to-grip design for durability and reliability.

C25 Vent-Safe Series

C26 Series

C956 Series

Single Shut Off Couplings

Double Shut Off Couplings

Straight Through Couplings

Funky Couplers

Coming soon

Couplings & Plugs FAQ'S

What types of couplings and plugs do you offer?

We offer a diverse selection of couplings and plugs including:

  • Single Shut Off Couplings: Ideal for basic pneumatic and hydraulic applications, featuring simple and efficient one-way flow control.
  • Double Shut Off Couplings: Designed for more complex systems requiring both inlet and outlet connections for enhanced fluid or air control.
  • Straight Through Couplings: Providing uninterrupted flow with minimal pressure drop, suitable for high-volume applications where efficiency is crucial.


How do I choose between single, double, and straight through couplings?

Your choice depends on the specific requirements of your application:

  • Single Shut Off Couplings: Best for straightforward flow control from one source to one destination.
  • Double Shut Off Couplings: Suitable for applications needing simultaneous connections for input and output.
  • Straight Through Couplings: Ideal for tasks requiring maximum flow efficiency with minimal resistance.
Are your couplings and plugs compatible with different hose sizes and materials?

Yes, our couplings and plugs are available in various sizes to accommodate different hose diameters and thread specifications. They are crafted from durable materials such as brass, steel, and aluminum to ensure compatibility with diverse industrial and commercial setups.


What industries are your couplings and plugs suitable for?

Our couplings and plugs cater to a diverse range of industries, ensuring reliable performance in demanding environments. They are particularly well-suited for:

  • Manufacturing: Facilitating efficient pneumatic and hydraulic systems in production lines.
  • Automotive: Providing robust connections for fluid and air management in vehicle assembly and maintenance.
  • Aerospace: Meeting stringent requirements for reliability and safety in aircraft systems.
  • Agriculture: Supporting equipment for irrigation, crop spraying, and machinery operation.
  • Construction: Enabling efficient operation of pneumatic tools and equipment on job sites.

Additionally, we offer specialist couplings designed for specific applications such as:

  • Breathing Air: Ensuring safe and reliable connections for supplying fresh breathing air in industrial and healthcare settings.

Our products are engineered to meet industry standards and exceed expectations for performance and durability across these sectors.



Do your couplings and plugs comply with industry standards for safety and performance?

Yes, our couplings and plugs adhere to stringent industry standards to guarantee safety, reliability, and efficiency. They undergo thorough testing and quality control processes to meet or exceed these standards, providing peace of mind for our customers.

What does coupling interchangeability mean?

Coupling interchangeability means that couplings from different manufacturers or series can connect and operate together seamlessly. Maxsafe Series of couplings are designed to be interchangeable with other recognized global profiles, such as Cejn, Camozzi, KEE, MacDonald, PCL, Rectus, Schrader, Staubli & Tema. Our product descriptions clearly specify which standards and series our couplings interchange with, ensuring compatibility and ease of integration across various industrial applications. This allows for flexible system design, easy replacement, and efficient maintenance, ultimately reducing downtime and operational costs for our customers.

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