Blowguns for Sale from the UK – Buy Online
Efficient and precise and safe air blowing with our range of blowguns. From compact mini blowguns to high flow options and hook attachments for convenient use, our blowguns offer versatile solutions for various industrial and commercial applications. Our range is trusted by customers across the UK, Australia and North America for its durability and versatility.
We also stock pressure reducing valve’s with fixed output pressure. This valve reduces the pressure entering the gun. Suitable for any other application where pressure needs to be reduced to a fixed level.
Compressed Air Blowgun: This range of products is the perfect choice for debris removal, and drying surfaces without contact. The nozzle of the air compressor delivers a consistent and targeted stream of air for precision and accuracy.
Hooked Blowguns: These nickel placed hooked blowguns are lightweight, and include a soft-cushioned handle for easy use of compressed air. With an attached safety tip, compressed air can be vented from the sides in the event of a blockage or dead end.

Blowgun Parts: Our range of blowgun parts is available to order online, for delivery across the UK, Europe, North America and Australia.

Blowguns FAQ'S

What are blowguns used for?

Blowguns are versatile tools used primarily for directing a stream of compressed air. They are commonly used in industrial and commercial settings for tasks such as debris removal, drying surfaces, and cleaning equipment where contact-free air blowing is necessary.


What types of blowguns do you offer?

Mini Blowguns (C19 or C25 Profile): Compact and lightweight with a 6-stream star tip for reduced noise and precise airflow.

Hook Blowguns: Lightweight with a safety feature to protect against high-pressure exposure, compliant with OSHA standards.

Standard Tip Blowguns: Ergonomic design with dual connection ports for versatility.

Star Tip Blowguns: Ergonomic design with a 6-stream star tip, ensuring precise airflow and reduced noise exposure.


Do you offer accessories for blowguns?

Yes, we provide accessories such as extension nozzles and rubber-tipped nozzles to enhance functionality and versatility.
We also stock Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV) for blowguns which is a device designed to control and reduce the pressure of compressed air supplied to the blowgun. It ensures that the air pressure delivered to the blowgun does not exceed a safe or optimal level for its operation and the application it serves.


Are your blowguns compliant with safety standards?

Yes, our hook blowguns, meet OSHA standards for safety in industrial environments.



Where can I purchase these blowguns?

You can purchase our blowguns online for delivery across the UK, Europe, North America, and Australia.