CD21 Series

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CD21 Series Mini industrial coupling, renowned as the industry’s go-to profile for its exceptional performance and versatility. Engineered to exceed expectations, these couplings deliver a robust airflow that consistently outperforms conventional options, setting new standards in compressed air efficiency. With Hi Flow technology at its core, the CD21 Series ensures your operations run smoothly and seamlessly, providing the power you need to keep productivity at its peak.

Designed for ultimate convenience, the CD21 Series features Single Handed Operation, allowing for effortless control with just one hand. Whether you’re connecting or disconnecting, you can rely on smooth handling and precise functionality to streamline your workflow. Choose from a comprehensive selection of Male, Female, and Hosetail couplings, as well as a range of Plugs, all crafted with precision and durability to withstand the demands of industrial environments. Experience unmatched reliability and compatibility with the CD21 Series, the trusted choice for pneumatic coupling solutions.