C956 Series Breathing Air

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The MaxSafe C956 Breathing Air Series stands as the epitome of excellence in the realm of compressed air couplings, engineered with precision to ensure compliance with EN 139 standards. Specifically designed for breathing air applications, this series goes beyond mere adherence, offering a robust and durable solution capable of withstanding the challenges posed by diverse environments. From industrial settings to healthcare facilities, the C956 Series provides a comprehensive and trustworthy solution for those prioritizing safety and reliability in their breathing air systems.

The interchangeability of the MaxSafe C956 Series with industry standards such as the CEJN 341 Series, CEJN 342 Series, CEJN 344 Series, Rectus 95, Rectus 96, Kee 073, and Kee 074 underscores its adaptability. This feature ensures seamless integration into existing systems, allowing users to effortlessly upgrade or expand their setups with confidence. The series includes Male, Female, and Hosetail couplings and plugs, allowing for precise configuration to meet various connection needs within breathing air systems.

Moreover, the C956 Series extends beyond couplings and plugs, incorporating practical accessories like the Y Piece for collaborative sharing of fresh air and Caps designed to prevent the ingress of dirt and dust. These components not only enhance the versatility of the series but also contribute to the longevity and cleanliness of the breathing air systems, making the MaxSafe C956 Breathing Air Series an indispensable choice for those seeking a comprehensive, compliant, and durable solution in the realm of breathing air applications.

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