Couplings 19 Series

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Experience versatility and reliability with the C19 Series Compressed Air Couplings, specifically crafted for general-purpose compressed airline applications. These couplings have established a strong presence in the automotive industry, showcasing their adaptability to diverse environments. Interchangeable with PCL Standard, Rectus 19 Series, and Kee 057 Series, the C19 Series ensures seamless integration into various setups. Engineered for single-handed operation, these couplings prioritize user convenience, offering ease of use without compromising on compressed air performance. The high flow rate and low pressure drop contribute to enhanced efficiency and optimal performance of air tools. The C19 Series features a valve system optimized for user-friendly connections, providing a positive locking action for added convenience. Crafted from durable steel, these pneumatic couplings are the go-to choice for applications demanding long-lasting and robust solutions.