C17 Series

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The C17 & P17 Series compressed air couplings and plugs are versatile components designed for use in compressed air systems across various industries. These couplings and plugs are renowned for their high flow rates and minimal pressure drops, attributed to the innovative UltraFlow valve design. This feature makes them ideal for a wide range of applications in sectors such as Automotive, Aeronautics, Electrical Engineering, Chemical, Technology, Safety Technology, Food Technology, Medical Technology, and Machinery Construction.
They are Interchangeable with Schrader Standard, Rectus 17 Series, and Kee 054 Series, allowing for seamless integration. With a design that minimizes connection force, they ensure efficient air distribution and reduced energy consumption. Crafted from durable steel, the C17 & P17 Series couplings and plugs provide long-lasting solutions for your compressed air system needs.