Breathing Air

Breathing air is indispensable across various industries, extending beyond firefighting to encompass environments like spray painting booths, chemical handling facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and hazardous material cleanup. In these settings, professionals encounter hazardous fumes and particles that pose risks to their health. Respiratory protection, such as half or full-mask respirators connected to clean air supplies, is essential to mitigate inhalation of these substances.

Within spray painting booths, workers confront potentially harmful fumes and airborne particles released during the painting process. Proper respiratory protection is crucial to prevent inhalation of hazardous substances. Similarly, in chemical handling facilities and hazardous material cleanup operations, workers maneuver amidst volatile compounds and noxious agents. The deployment of respiratory defenses, including sophisticated filtration systems and precise airflow mechanisms, ensures their safety. Meanwhile, in pharmaceutical manufacturing, the provision of uncontaminated breathing air is vital for product integrity and personnel welfare. Thus, breathing air emerges as a cornerstone of occupational health and safety practices, safeguarding lives and facilitating uninterrupted operations across diverse industries.

Breathing Air Series

Breathing Air Hose

Breathing Air Coupling

Breathing Air Plugs

Ferrules & Accessories

Breathing Air Hose

Our Breathing Air Hose provides a 5 layer lightweight material construction which is flame resistant, heat resistant and anti-static.

The hose is available in Black and Blue.

  • 5 layer Thermoplastic flame and heat resistant jacket
  • Reinforcements: 2 layers polyester braiding
  • Anti-Static in accordance with the requirements of EN 14594:2005, with a resistance >103 < 106 Ω/m when measured in accordance with EN ISO 8031:2009
  • Hose temperature range from –20°C to +70°C
  • Complies with EN 14594:2005, EN 14593-1: 2005 & EN14593-2: 2005 

Working Pressure: 30 bar*
Burst Pressure: 120 bar**
Applications: Nuclear Power Plants, Petrochemical Industry, Spray Paint applications for manufacturing

* – Working pressure is based on ambient temperature (23°C). Higher temperatures lead to reduced working pressures / assembly durability.

Working pressure is restricted to 10 bar for EN 14593 1/2:2005 and EN 14594:2005 (Class A & B) heat resistant applications.

Breathing Air Safety Lock Couplings & Plugs

Breathing Air Safety, Lock Couplings & Plugs take center stage as indispensable components. These specialized components are engineered to preserve the integrity of air supply connections, utilizing sophisticated locking mechanisms that thwart accidental disconnections and uphold seamless airflow. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Lock Couplings & Plugs instill confidence in environments where air quality reigns supreme, reinforcing safety protocols and fortifying the safeguarding of personnel across a spectrum of industries.


Breathing Air Extras

In the realm of maintaining optimal air quality, Breathing Air Extras play a pivotal role. Stainless Steel Ferrules ensure secure connections and prevent leaks in air supply systems, while fittings like the 1/4″ BSPP Male x 10mm Hosetail and 3/8″ BSPP Male x 12mm Hosetail facilitate seamless connections between hoses and supply sources, enhancing airflow efficiency. Essential accessories such as the Coupling Cap and Plug Cap offer protective covers, safeguarding fittings from contaminants when not in use, thus contributing to the longevity and reliability of breathing air systems across various industries.