Blowgun Collection

Discover our versatile range of Air Blowguns, designed to meet various industrial and commercial needs across the UK, USA, and Europe. Our collection includes Hook Blowguns, which can be conveniently hung above workstations and come with optional extension and rubber-tipped nozzles for added flexibility. The compact Mini Blowguns fit easily into pockets and feature a star tip to prevent dead-ending, ensuring safety and efficiency. Additionally, our Star Tip and Standard Tip Blowguns are equipped with twin ports, allowing them to be connected via the top or bottom depending on the application, with the star tip providing an extra layer of safety by preventing dead-ending. Engineered with MaxSafe technology, our air blowguns are ideal for all your compressed air requirements, offering superior performance and maximum safety.

MaxSafe Air Blowguns

Air Blow Gun Star Tip

Air Blow Gun Standard Tip

MaxSafe Mini Blowguns

C19 Mini Blow Gun

C25 Mini Blow Gun

MaxSafe Hook Blowguns

Hook Blow Gun

Hook Blowgun 3″ Extension Nozzle

Hook Blowgun Rubber Tip Nozzle